Hello,  I’m Michael James (MJ) Davis.   I’ve been photographing weddings professionally since 2003.   I hope you’ve looked at both the ‘galleries’ and ‘order pics’ links to see hundreds of my past wedding photos.   Now you can learn a bit more about me on this page.

Over the past 15 or so years I’ve done wedding photography both as my ‘bread and butter’ job and to supplement my income as a second job.  I’ve also done a lot of portrait photography, so I’m adept at casually posed wedding photography as well as photo journalistic photography.

Now I’m an early retiree looking to continue the vocation that I love, wedding photography.    I’m from Michigan, but not doing the snow thing any longer.

I’m available for wedding photography within 60 miles of Ann Arbor MI from Mid May through Mid September.

I’m available within 60 miles of Port Charlotte FL from Mid September through late November and Early January through Mid May.

Here is a Q and A section.  If you’re question is not answered here, please drop me a note using the ‘contact’ link.  Or you can contact me directly at mjphotographybiz@outlook.com or 734.735.2193.  Thank you!

Q:  Why are your prices cheaper than other experienced photographers?

A:   I only want to book 12 – 15 weddings per year.  Because I don’t want to fully
book my weekends, I don’t need to pay for advertising or attend bridal shows.
Also I do not pay rent for a studio or office.
I pass the savings on to my clients.

Q:  Please describe your photography style?

A:  I use a combination of posed, casual and journalistic styles to fully capture
wedding day.

Q:  How many photos will the client get?

A:  Usually 50 – 70 photos per hour of service.   I do give all of the photos to the clients
after I re-touch them.

Q:  How long will it take for me to receive my photos?

A:  I’ll send you a few photos for you to share on social media the day after your
wedding.  You’ll receive all of your photos within 30 days of your wedding.

Q:  Do you include any prints with your photo packages?  Can I order prints directly
from you?

A:  I do not include any prints.  Typically photographers increase print cost several
hundred percent.  I’d rather make the retouched photos available to my clients at
typical on line prices.  (less than a dollar for a 5×7″).  You can order prints from my
website, or someplace else of your choice.  (Costco and Sam’s Club both have great
photo labs).

Q:  How do you re-touch photos?

A:  I use both Adobe light room and Adobe photo shop to make sure all the pics
look great.

Q:  Will you photograph weddings that are outside of the Michigan/ Florida availablility

A:  Yes, but there would be an additional cost of round trip coach plane tickets added to

Q:  Do you charge sales tax on package prices.

A:  Per state law I have to charge 6% sales tax on all prices.

Q:  What if we book you and for some reason you can’t photograph your wedding?
(This has never happened, but just in case).

A:  I can refund all money paid to MJ Photography.  Or I can book a suitable
replacement photographer for you.  If they are more expensive than me, I
will pay the difference.

Q:  What kind of equipment do you use?

A:  I use professional Canon DSLR cameras and lenses.  I do bring backup equipment.

Q:  Do you back up our images?

A:   Yes, I save your images on two hard drives and on a DVD in a fire safe. While there is
no guarantee I’ll save your images for a specific amount of time, my intent is to keep
them for several years.  I have provided copies for people that have lost their photos
several years after their weddings (for no charge).

Q:  Since you’re backing up the photos, we don’t need to right?

A:  Yes you should back up your photos!  Print your favorites.   Keep your  USB
drive in a safe place.  Copy the photos to another USB drive or DVD.  Save that at
a friend or relatives house.  Utilize free cloud storage to back up your images.

Q:  What are consultations like?

A:  First of all, the consultations do not include any high pressure sales tactics.
Consultations are your me and the clients to get to know each other and
for the clients to learn a bit more about wedding photography.  If you like
me and my work, just say the word and we’ll book your date!
Typically consultations are done at restaurants or via Messenger or Skype.

Q:  How much is your retainer fee?  Is it refundable.

A:  The retainer fee is $100.00.  If you request a refund of the deposit within a week,
I’ll refund the retainer fee, no questions asked.